Youth Lenten Recollection

Youth from St. Mary, Good Shepherd’s Parish, Holy Family Mission centre (Shuwuu) and Mary Ward Centre (CJ Sisters) gathered together in the afternoon on April 10 for the Lenten Recollection organized by the FMA  Sisters in the Rainbow Centre (ICM next to CCM).

The theme of the retreat followed this year Pastoral Plan: Follow me in a life of prayer. The youth had the time to reflect on their personal prayer life and helped by a ppt presentation and a dialogue they deepened their understanding of the prayer of the Lord much related to their young life.

During the time of personal adoration three priests were available for the Sacrament of reconciliation. In groups our youth were given time to share about their experience of prayer. The Eucharistic benediction concluded the main part of the retreat.

After taking some snacks, prepared by the Youth Commission, the young people went back to their daily life, strengthened by the Word of God and the experience of this day of prayer.

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